What our clients are saying about us

“My Company purchased a trixbox Pro by eSmith, Call Center Edition phone system from eSmith IT. Besides the price point which was the lowest of the phone systems we looked into it also had all the functionality of the major phone systems. eSmith IT also has great customer service which includes prompt response times and a friendly staff. I would recommend eSmith IT to any company from the small work from home business to the multiple location business.”


After having numerous connection and call quality issues with our prior phone carrier, we were referred to eSmith by another agent. In addition to the phone company’s support, we now have the concierge support of eSmith. Within minutes they have addressed my concerns unlike the other company who just opens a ticket that was never closed or corrected to completion. I highly recommend eSmith and only wish I had found them sooner.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me with moving my phones from the old office to the new one. I called many times looking for your knowledge in dealing with Time Warner Cable and you always got back to me and went beyond the call of duty with your assistance. Referrals from other agents definitely guided me to choose your company and they did not steer me wrong. It would be hard to ever go back to an old phone system as Fonality has made our jobs much more efficient. We are able to communicate instantly through the HUD chat feature with each other and with our other location. The client’s file pops up in eAgent when they call in, enabling us to service them faster and to instantly make comments or alerts for the future. One of the other features that we love is being able to go back and see who called, as the calls are logged. Just one of these three mentioned features would have been such an improvement, but to have all three and more has been a game changer. To know that when I call, that the call will be returned and help is on its way is invaluable to me. I would highly recommend you guys and your company to any one in business who is looking for incredible phone service.”

Melanie Poteat – Allstate Agent – Charlotte and Huntersville NC

“Our initial experience with a hosted VOIP system did not go well at all. Frequent & unpredictable outages cost us both productivity & credibility with our team. We reached out to two of the top Allstate agents in the country to see what they were doing – if eSmith was good enough for them, they were good enough for us! What we’ve appreciated most about working with eSmith is the stability we now see in our systems. Due some challenges with local ISP service, this didn’t happen overnight, but Kevin & his team dug in & worked through the issues with us. With our backup ISP now in place, our folks rarely notice brief service interruptions. Our phones are our lifeline. With that in mind, we see the money spent on our phone system as a very important investment. We met with several vendors who all promised great things. Our first experience taught us that backing it up is another thing. We’ve been very pleased with the service we have received from eSmith.”

Donn Sharer – Allstate Agent – Forked River NJ and Millstone NJ

“eSmith makes it easy to refer other agents! I get asked a lot of “tech” questions from agents and when it comes to phone systems, I always try to steer them toward getting all the functionality of a Fonality phone system with the additional benefits of eSmith’s local, prompt, and personal service and access to on-site support if needed. VoIP service is so complex – from the Internet provider, to the equipment, the voice carrier, and the software – that when something goes wrong, you want a person you know and trust to resolve it or steer you in the right direction quickly. Just as our customers value having a relationship with an agency to make insurance recommendations versus doing it alone online or via a phone call to a toll-free support line. It should be no different with business telephone service, especially when it is so important that our phones are up and running 100% of the time.”

Jason Efland – Allstate Agent – Mooresville NC

“I was referred to you by Jason Efland who I respect and regard as one of the smartest technology agents Allstate has. Having my own server and working with eSmith has decreased our down-time from approximately 4-6 times a year to virtually zero down-time. If I do have problems or concerns, eSmith is gives sound advice on how to tackle the problem and where the problem needs to be addressed. Many of Allstate’s brightest “mega-agencies” work with eSmith. They typically have had the opportunity to flush out the companies that can’t meet our high standards, so that endorsement goes a long way with me.”

Kirt Lattanze – Allstate Agent – Dunwoody GA

“AWESOME, AMAZING!!! Thank you for all that you have done. I have told everyone about your services!!!!!”

Melanie Altland – Allstate Agent – Asheville NC

“I hired Kevin Smith to do our VOIP system. It was a seamless transition and his expertise and concern was very apparent. He kept me abreast of all the situations along the way.”

Gloria Berlin – Allstate Agent – Asheville NC

“As an Allstate Ins Agent with two locations I cannot afford to have issues with my internet and phone system. That is why I hired Kevin Smith as my “go to person” to implement and maintain my internet phone system. Kevin and his team do an outstanding job and are proactive in preventing possible issues and are quick to take care of issues that do happen from time to time. Before I hired Kevin I tried to do an internet phone system myself in which I had problem after problem. I was referred to Kevin from another Agent I know with multiple locations as well, and he said my problem was I did not have Kevin! Kevin fixed it all for me and I no longer have to wear an IT hat that I have no experience in anyway! I can spend more time managing my business and concentrate on my forte of selling insurance! So I highly recommend Kevin if you are thinking about changing or getting an internetphone provider. He can do it all-from sales to installation and managing it all for you!”

Chris Just – Allstate Agent – Clemmons and Greensboro NC



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